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Lightning Grader
Math Links
Adding Money Estimation Golf Multiplication Ping Pong
Comparing Numbers Flashcards Place Value Games
Counting Money Fraction Games Polygon Matching
Daily Puzzle Geobard Properties of Addition
  Graph Rounding and Estimating
Dancing Math Decimals Interactive Math Lessons for All Grades Ruler Measurement
Decimals to Fractions Kids Numbers Study Jams: Math
Division Practice Long Multiplication Practice Telling Time
Draggable Division Making Change Telling Time 2
Elapsed Time Math Baseball Tesselation Town
Elapsed Time Quiz Multiplication Games  
  Free Rice Multiplication  
x xFF  
Math Day Links
Money Games Addition and Subtraction Multiplication and Division
Cash Out Addition Ghost Blasters Math Baseball
Making Change Addition Golf Sum Sense Multiplication
Count the Money Power Lines Multiplication Millionaire
  Subtraction Ghost Blasters Multiplication Ping Pong
Decimals and Fractions Time Ordered Pairs
Order Decimals Bang on Time Billy Bug
Fraction Pizza Clockworks  
  Tumblebooks Library  
Comprehension Skills Unit 1 Unit 4
Author's Purpose Because of Winn Dixie Encantado
Author's Purpose 2 Grandfather's Journey Encyclopedia Brown
Author's Purpose 3 Letters Home from Yosemite Encyclopedia Brown-Reptiles/Amphibians
Author's Purpose 4 Lewis and Clark and Me-Adventure Encyclopedia-Reptiles/Amphibians on National Zoo
  The Horned Toad Prince Seeker of Knowledge
Night of the Twisters   The Houdini Box
⇒ News Reports Unit 2 The King in the Kitchen
The Real Night of the Twisters Coyote School News  
⇒ Quizzes Grace and the Time Machine Unit 5
Day 2 - Sequencing Marven of the Great North Woods Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride
⇒ Tornado Facts So You Want to be President? Antarctic Journal
Truth About Tornadoes What Jo Did Lost City
⇒ Author Info   Moonwalk
Ivy Ruckman Unit 3 Sailing Home
  Adelina's Whales  
Sarah, Plain and Tall Eye of the Storm Unit 6
⇒ Author Info How Night Came from the Sea How Tia Lola Came to Stay
Meet Patricia MacLachlan The Great Kapok Tree Jim Thorpe's Bright Path
  The Stranger My Brother Martin
    The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon
    To Fly

Earth Science Life Science Physical Science
Water Cycle Video Food Chain Game Bill Nye Home Demos
Water Cycle Game EcoKids Chain Reaction Create a Simple Machine
  Build Your Wild Self Science Toy Maker
Space & Technology   Simple Machines
  Animal Images Simple Machines 2
x ARKive  
x A-Z Animals  
  National Zoo Photo Gallery  
  National Geographic  
Social Studies
Desert Nebraska Oregon Trail
Desert Links Geographic Names Information System (Use with the big NE map.) California Trail/Oregon Trail 1
Desert Habitat
Visit Nebraska Photo Gallery
California Trail/Oregon Trail 2
Desert Videos
Omaha Landmarks
California Trail/Oregon Trail 3
Arbor Lodge
Arbor Lodge Photo Gallery
Create a Jungle
Susette "Bright Eyes" LaFlesche Tibbles
  Build a Sod House  
  Nebraska Blue Book--Facts about NE  
Spelling & Writing
Shape Poems ABCya! Word Clouds  
Write a Haiku    
Virtual Piano Keyboard Kisstunes Virtual Piano Keyboard Song Cards for Keyboarding Practice
Internet Safety
www.netsmartzkids.org Webonauts Internet Academy McGruff Games
Internet Safety Rules and Quiz   Today's Meet
Fun Sites
ABCya! Games   Paws in Jobland
Computational Thinking
Artist Loops Bee Debugging Bee Conditionals
Hour of Code